Accomplishment For the Day: I mailed out three resumes to California veterinary clinics. One I have submitted a resume to before; they called me, but it was right after we found out L was deploying, and I would be hanging out in good old Colorado for another year or so. The cherry on top is my resume is even better now!

Frustration of the Day: Too many people say to be yourself and go for your goals and then dislike it when you do.

Thought for the Day: Everyone has a different way they feel loved. Usually you show love in the way you feel loved. Is the person you are trying to love really getting it? They may communicate in an utterly different way.

Excitement of the Day: I leave for Japan in 9 days! Time has flown much faster than expected. No complaints there!

Goal Yet To be Accomplished for the Day: Get the sawdust out of my shoes. My job at the clinic ended on Friday, (It was so sad to leave. Great job!) so in the interim time periods between Japan, Kentucky, and California, I am working with my Dad. Today, we were laying wood. Thus, sawdust in my shoes. It feels very odd, but it could be exfoliating.

My Confession of the Day: I think people always leave.

Happy Monday!


Relative Favorites List

Favorite is relative. I have several favorites in every “favorite category” known to man. Therefore, this is “Relative Favorites List”.

1. favorite hobby?

I LOVE to run. I can’t right now though, because I am working on getting over a running injury. Praying for soon. I am ready to run that marathon!

2. favorite tv show?

I don’t watch TV, but when I do, it is when I rent TV episodes of “House”.

3. favorite restaurant food?

I am in love with fettucine alfredo. I started drooling looking for a picture of it.

4. favorite thing to shop for?

There is no picture, because I do not shop. Ugh! Shopping is nearly torturous really.

5. favorite animal?

My favorite are chocolate labs. Currently, Moose (My parent’s puppy) takes the cake.

6. favorite song?

How can anyone, especially me pick a favorite song? I guess the song of the week may be this one…. (Warning: This song is not PG rated.)

“My First Kiss”

7. favorite word?

The first thing that came to mind was………SMOOSH

8. favorite thing you own?

My notebooks!!!!!!!! I can fill a cardboard box or two with all the ones I have filled over the years. It is really an addiction…

9. favorite movie?

Once again, this is utterly relative. Here is one that I loved when I was younger. There crops up the underlying obsession with “Romeo and Juliet”.

10. favorite childhood memory?

What?! Favorite?! Okay, how about I do the first one I thought of? I used to go with my Dad to the dump when I was younger. He drove this sweet Jeep pickup truck. (I was hoping to inherit it when I started driving, but it pooped out right about that time.) I loved my Dad’s truck. Well, I still love his work truck. Sunflower seeds, utility knives, an old battered Bible, way old air freshener, a calculator, a pencil, and grout samples can be found most of the time. In any case, when my Dad and I would take dump trips, two awesome things happened. Awesome thing #1: I got to sit on my Dad’s lap and drive once we got into the dump. #2: I got a free Tootsie pop from the “dump man”. I hate Tootsie pops now, but apparently I liked them then.

Rosetta Stone

I have decided to continue….learning Espanol. I did a little bit in high-school, but I can prove the “Dont’ use it and lose it” phenomenon. I have several options:
1. Use the old textbook and CD’s I was using in high-school. I think my Mom still has them actually.
2. Use in “in the car CD’s” I obtained from my Guatemalan great-grandma.
3. Try to get Rosetta Stone for free (I heard some rumor about military dependents/military have access to free Rosetta Stone).
4. Experiment with a combination of all three ideas.

Pro’s and Con’s.
1. I don’t remember being highly enthused with the textbook. And the lady that spoke on the CD’s could not be taken seriously, because her voice was so ridiculous. Thought: I was not enthused, because I was in high-school. And it is free. I would probably just have to dig through the old home-school textbook pile.

2. I totally zone these out. I listen for a minute and then I drive and wish I was listening to 98.9 dance music. Or 104.5 country. Or 94.3 rock. Or my Elvis CD. Or the music on my iPod. Still it could help to hear and learn. Just have to actually hear it I guess.

3. I have heard GREAT things about Rosetta Stone. I just can’t figure out how to get it for free. And I can’t buy it. It is utterly too expensive.

4. Use what you’ve got is good. But it may be overwhelming to try it all.

Any suggestions?

In other news, two weeks left at my first official adult job.

This Day Last Year….

…I was here!

No, not a bugle on a postcard. I was in Stockholm. It is crazy how fast time flies by. In the months of January through March, I was in Kona, Hawaii. April and May were the months of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Amsterdam. How times changes and how different it is from what I expected. What I didn’t expect:
-To be married
-To be moving to California in 2 months
-To be going to Japan in 2 weeks
-To be going to LTC in 4 weeks
-To be living in P-town, Colorado right now
-To be working at a veterinary clinic and have 3 days left of working there

Moral of the bugles and postcard? Never underestimate the power of a year.

Quote and #39

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself”. D.H. Lawrence (Discovery courtesy of “G.I. Jane”)
Note to self: Self pity is pitiful. Remember to remember. Note to self over.

#39. On a roll with my bucket list! I made my own fabric grocery bags. Luckily, my Mom has a fabric store in her basement, so I was able to pillage what I wanted and make them this weekend. After only 45 minutes or an hour, I had three finished. I figure three grocery bags is enough for 2 people, right? This is a wild guess as I have never grocery shopped for two people. In fact, I really don’t grocery shop for myself on a weekly basis. The few times I have, I buy a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly, a few apples, a box of instant oatmeal packages, and I am fed for a week. Likely, that is acceptable for short term bachelorette-ness; however, I have a suspicion that L and I will need to learn how to grocery shop like normal people soon.

I have also put thought into where my bags can be taken and decided that the PX on base may not be the place for my “earthy resolutions”. Why this is not acceptable and wearing a “Wage Love, Not War” t-shirt on base is, I have no clue. However, if we grocery shop off base (I think this is the way to go, because I like normal grocery stores where I don’t get I.D.ed as I walk in.) I will use my “earthy bags”.

Can We Be Done Now?

Is this almost over? When can I stop taking care of it all by myself? How many more days do I have to go without talking to you? How many more weeks without seeing you? How many more times do I say good-bye? How many more smiles to paste on my face? How many more times do I have to brush off, “You’ll be fine” or “It’s almost over” or “This is nothing”, because it really isn’t fine, nothing changes if it’s almost over; we’re still apart, and it is something. Can I have a hug from you already? Can I just go fall asleep and wake up when it’s over?

3 Weeks

Three weeks until I leave to visit my guy in Japan. I can’t believe it has been 3 months and 23 days since I have seen him. I am trying to focus on the present in order to make the future come quicker. When I think of the three week wait in relation to 3 months and 23 days that we have already done, it is nothing. When I think of it in relation to…..THREE FREAKING WEEKS UNTIL I SEE MY FAVORITE PERSON ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET…..I have a hard time staying calm. 🙂

My favorite things about you:

-Your hugs. I would wait a whole lifetime to just have one.

-Your proposal of an ice cream budget. I know you love me when you think of things like that for me.

-Your random/robe cloak that you commandeered.

-Your laugh. I can’t wait to hear it again in real life.

Creme Brulee

Creme brulee, also known as item #38 on the “List of Things to Do Before I Die”, was a shocking success. Somehow, even after accidentally getting a little water in the raw mixture and being forced to cook it for an hour longer than necessary (it was still wet and eggy after the amount of time the recipe said to cook it), it WORKED. What?! I think it was the day to learn the “Do what you set out to do and it may be successful” lesson rather than the “You learn more from your failures than you do your successes” lesson.

In any case, I love creme brulee. I shouldn’t make it too often, because I may inherit a clogged artery or something. Also, I should hide it when I make it. It disappeared altogether too fast when I shared it. Just kidding….Sort of.

Danika’s List

If this was a facebook status update, it would say “Danika Hayden Chambers is coming to her senses”. What am I doing?! I am living based off my perception of myself and my perception of other people’s perception of me. Which of course is only a perception and forces me to live my life based on a non-reality. Someone please say “duh”. I am working so hard to make myself a 100% guarantee to not be a failure in the future. And I seem to be missing the present. *%#$ the expectations! Screw the worries! Flush the bar to be reached down the fictional toilet. So what if it gets clogged! What do I really want to do?…..I have resurrected my bucket list which I have kept for the past few years. I guess I sort of forgot about it. I was looking through it again today and realized that the ones I have done are some of my best memories and adventures!  So, I am remembering my old ones and writing some new ones.

1) Get my master’s in zoology at CSU-FC ?? Maybe….

2) ROTC? Reserves?  This is still a maybe

3) Minor in writing and/or photography? Another maybe

4) WRITE! And TAKE PICTURES!!! And see all the amazing creation God created. All of this rolled up into one job….

5) See Niagara Falls frozen

6) Read all of Shakespeare’s works, because he is a gorgeous writer. He isn’t gorgeous. His words are gorgeous.

7) Do a triathalon

8 ) Ocean fish!!!! I’d like to snag a swordfish….

9) Raise a guide dog puppy

10) Get my black belt. Preferably in kung fu

11) Adopt an African boy

12) Get a hedgehog, a sugar glider, hermies, toads, turtles. Basically have a sort of “reptile room” with all kinds of pocket pets

13) See a NASCAR race

14) Run a marathon

15) Have a darkroom and develop my own pictures

16) Research trip in another continent

17) Get a picture in National Geographic or some other scientific magazine

18) Write a book

19) Have a song written about me. Seems like my head is sorta up my own butt, but I really think it would be so fun. Sorry….

20) Water fight in the back of pickup trucks while they are driving. This was a late night idea a few years ago with C and P….

21) Start a fire from 2 sticks

22) Have an adventure in Alaska

23) Hippie adventure in Canada (Also known as, couch surf, travel long distances on a train, hitchhike, etc.)

24) Shave my head. I know what you’re thinking….Oh well.

25) GET MYSELF A BIKE!!!! I have my license. Just gotta get the bike.

26) Take guitar lessons

27) Couch surf

28) Take ballroom dancing lessons

29) Surf

30) Looks at stars with NVG’s

31) Visit all 8 biomes. Just google it!

32) Join Search and Rescue

33) Do an Iron Man

34) Swim the English Channel

35) Climb all of Colorado’s 14ers

36) Go to every continent

37) Get my DVM??

My latest additions:

38) Make a creme brulee

39) Make my own fabric grocery bags

40) Make soap

41) Have a beehouse

42) Start a Roth IRA or mutual fund

43) Get published

44) It is a secret



Please get better, because I want to run my guts out.

Love of my Life,

Please come home soon.  My fingers, lips, and heart all miss you.


Please come out to play and stay. I got a bikini last weekend, and I would like to wear it.

…Future Chocolate Lab Puppy,

I frickin’ love you and am going to spoil you rotten.

Cozy Bed,

It is 10:22 on a Friday night and you are looking pretty darn awesome.


The definition of a good friend is one who keeps his word to his own hurt.

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