The Things To Be Found Exciting…..

The Things Found to Be Exciting In a Vet Clinic That Normally Would Be Viewed as Gross to a Normal Person (Caution: Ickiness Follows):

-S explains, “Awesome! I just found tapeworm eggs in the puppy’s poop!” Why the heck is that exciting, you may ask….Well, because now we know why puppy is barfing and has diahrrea. Yes, tapeworms can be exciting. Of course, when you see them fall out of puppy and crawl across the exam table…..You got it, no one is excited about that.

-Me: Oh, good, the cat’s abcess broke open as I was shaving the fur away. This means we don’t have to drain it anymore. The clippers did it for us….

-The tech who loves to assist in eye surgeries gets all excited when a pug comes in with an eyeball hanging out of its head. Yay, we get to do eye surgery to put it back into its eye socket!!!

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Good Music and What’s Up

Good song!

Update in as few words as possible…
-Finished up the job in Breck my Dad and I had. I love Breck in the winter. It would be amazing to live up there for a month or so someday. 😉

-Interview also done. The drive to Manhattan and back was accomplished in two days. I got up at 5 am that morning to blow dry my hair, actually dress up. It felt great to walk out of the interview, knowing the rest was completely up to God. I should find out in a week or two. The school was also amazing. Talk about crazy cool facilities…

-It is possible to set a shoe on fire. Yes, I accomplished this. Quite fun.

-Talk about coincidences. I saw a girl in Manhattan that I used to work with in Canon. What are the odds of being at the right Chili’s at the right time and place let alone the right city in Kansas…

-I wrote a song!!!!! My first ever. I have the words and the chords to the verses but I am waiting for some uber amazing inspiration for chords to the chorus. Hmmm….

-I leave in a matter of 10 and half days. Where does the time go? And how does one say good-bye to the most amazing friends and family ever for five months…


What?! It is Thursday morning already. *Sigh* Where does the time go? Oh, yes, to work and studying. I nearly forgot. 🙂

So, I got a new phone yesterday. I can actually enter this century with a phone that takes pictures and I can send text messages for less than a fortune. Hooray! Anyone, have a cell phone, and I’ll send you a picture text. He he…

So, I went to the chiropractor yesterday to try and get my hip fixed. I messed it up running a while back. After several months of it not getting better, I finally decided to try and get it fixed. I am praying that it will heal!!

So, there is a highly amusing chicken that lives at the farm (Zia, the baby named her “Tin” in trying to say chicken) who always hangs out with the people. Very interesting chicken. Yesterday, we were loading the VW van with vegetables to go to Colorado Springs restaurants. M and I kept having to shoo her out of the van. After several times of getting her out of the passenger seat, M started yelling at Tin that she absolutely could not go to Springs today. I promptly started busting up at that point. Yup, that was fun. I can’t believe I only have one day left at the farm. Sad day….


So, I apologize for how brief and frustrated my last post was. After getting my mind in order and having some sense talked into me by some awesome family members, I have decided to retake the test. I will study my rearend off-again-until September 2nd when I will retake my GRE. I only need to bring up my quantitative score up by 45 points to be average for vet students. I am choosing to be happy about how high my verbal scores were and just keep on trucking. I am right where I feel like I should be. I have decided to take my applications one day at a time and do the best that I can with what I have. I cannot rush to apply for other graduate programs. I will wait until I know what is going on with veterinary school and go from there.

On a side note, mosquitoes are certainly one of the best curses that came around when sin entered the world. Today at the farm was INSANE!!! I left in the middle of taters to run to Wally World and pick up some intense bug spray. The deep woods hunter stuff with a ton of DEET still only repelled about 1/2 of the mosquitoes, but I guess that is fewer bites for me to worry about. Now I just am praying I will be protected from West Nile. Two girls I work with have gotten in. The odds of me getting it are pretty high…Scary!

Tile Girl

What a privileged person am I. I have a business license, and I basically contract work out from my Dad. Since it is tile setting, I rarely am around any girls during the day. I am the only female tile setter I have come across in the four years I have been doing this type of work. It is an interesting experience. And it can be frustrating. 🙂 Like when that polite guy insists on opening the door for you with a wet saw in his hand and all you have is a bucket of grout. Dash politeness at a time like that and be practical! But thanks…
Or there is the stucco dudes who always cease talking when I walk by and whisper in Spanish. Blast it all, I need to brush up on my Espanol. But there are of course some funny things about the job too.
It never ceases to amuse me watching a group of guys trying to get a job done. Who needs the radio when they’re around to make fun of. Well, in my head primarily since I am the loner. Just kidding, I’m not quite that mean. I doubt many girls get that type of insight, huh? 🙂 Now I must say I still do not get guys, but I may finally understand the…trends. So, here are several of my observations. If anyone disagrees, correct me if I am wrong!

-Talk about competition. We carry bags of Thinset. I carry one, the next guy carries two. The third guy asks how many the second guy carried and adds one more to the mix. Nearly blowing out his back in the process, but, hey, he picked it up, right? 🙂
-Never a serious moment. Nonstop bantering and joking. How they get things done I have no clue.
-There is no such thing as a true conversation. It is either one sentence ridicules or jokes or merely grunts and noises. There is an interesting appeal to making noises with the tools. Like blowing into the vacumn hoses and making who knows what kind of noise.
-Lots of throwing. Whether it is rocks at the outhouse while someone is in it-a guy that is, I never get such harrassment-or a margin trowel across the room, it never ceases.

So, yes, it is a fascinating job to have. I walk in with two or three guys to have lunch on a work day once in a while. I’m the only girl with carpenter pants, work boots, and a bandanna on. Some think it is odd, but, hey, no guy has ever beat me grouting. 🙂