It Has Been A While

ImageddIt has been a while. About a year and a half in fact. I am surprised that I remembered all of my log in information for this website. Over the last year and a half, I moved with my husband to California where he was stationed in 29 Palms. We lived there for a year, nearly bored out of our minds in the arm pit of hte universe. I had my motorcycle and job at a local veterinary clinic to keep me company. We watched many movies and read a lot of books.

About this time last year, I found out that I was accepted to CSU’s veterinary program. I am about to start up my second semester of veterinary school in a week. So I am wondering why in the world I have decided to start up this blog again. I have two one year old labs, two cats, a husband, a really busy schedule with vet school class, homework, clubs, and foal care emergency care.

I have a lot that I am working through and I am not sure how to get it out except to just write. Sometimes that helps. Over the past few weeks, the love of my life has started to process a lot of things that he went through in Iraq. It has made our relationship really hard for the past few weeks. We had a pretty miserable Christmas and he missed our anniversary because he was disappearing after work for a few days. Thinking someone is out to kill him, saying I make his life miserable, depression.

It has been really hard. I’ve done some major reading, soul searching, and even seeking out some counseling for myself. I am attempting to find a balance between staying strong and being vulnerable to him in our relationship. Feeling his pain and trying to understand and keeping myself out of depression. Having hope for a brighter future and trying to understand I may always have a changed Luke. Wanting to stay and support him and wondering if all of this is worth it.

I have decided to use this blog as a way to share what is happening in my life anonymously and just meet others over the internet who are going through the same thing. Here is to new beginnings!



….for a little while. Tomorrow at before sunrise, I am headed on a plan to Kentucky. I am headed to LTC for a month. I really have no idea how my communication will be-if I will have phone or internet or not. I am hoping to upkeep my blog and post on the different things that happen. If not, I will post pictures and stories later.

Danika’s List

If this was a facebook status update, it would say “Danika Hayden Chambers is coming to her senses”. What am I doing?! I am living based off my perception of myself and my perception of other people’s perception of me. Which of course is only a perception and forces me to live my life based on a non-reality. Someone please say “duh”. I am working so hard to make myself a 100% guarantee to not be a failure in the future. And I seem to be missing the present. *%#$ the expectations! Screw the worries! Flush the bar to be reached down the fictional toilet. So what if it gets clogged! What do I really want to do?…..I have resurrected my bucket list which I have kept for the past few years. I guess I sort of forgot about it. I was looking through it again today and realized that the ones I have done are some of my best memories and adventures!  So, I am remembering my old ones and writing some new ones.

1) Get my master’s in zoology at CSU-FC ?? Maybe….

2) ROTC? Reserves?  This is still a maybe

3) Minor in writing and/or photography? Another maybe

4) WRITE! And TAKE PICTURES!!! And see all the amazing creation God created. All of this rolled up into one job….

5) See Niagara Falls frozen

6) Read all of Shakespeare’s works, because he is a gorgeous writer. He isn’t gorgeous. His words are gorgeous.

7) Do a triathalon

8 ) Ocean fish!!!! I’d like to snag a swordfish….

9) Raise a guide dog puppy

10) Get my black belt. Preferably in kung fu

11) Adopt an African boy

12) Get a hedgehog, a sugar glider, hermies, toads, turtles. Basically have a sort of “reptile room” with all kinds of pocket pets

13) See a NASCAR race

14) Run a marathon

15) Have a darkroom and develop my own pictures

16) Research trip in another continent

17) Get a picture in National Geographic or some other scientific magazine

18) Write a book

19) Have a song written about me. Seems like my head is sorta up my own butt, but I really think it would be so fun. Sorry….

20) Water fight in the back of pickup trucks while they are driving. This was a late night idea a few years ago with C and P….

21) Start a fire from 2 sticks

22) Have an adventure in Alaska

23) Hippie adventure in Canada (Also known as, couch surf, travel long distances on a train, hitchhike, etc.)

24) Shave my head. I know what you’re thinking….Oh well.

25) GET MYSELF A BIKE!!!! I have my license. Just gotta get the bike.

26) Take guitar lessons

27) Couch surf

28) Take ballroom dancing lessons

29) Surf

30) Looks at stars with NVG’s

31) Visit all 8 biomes. Just google it!

32) Join Search and Rescue

33) Do an Iron Man

34) Swim the English Channel

35) Climb all of Colorado’s 14ers

36) Go to every continent

37) Get my DVM??

My latest additions:

38) Make a creme brulee

39) Make my own fabric grocery bags

40) Make soap

41) Have a beehouse

42) Start a Roth IRA or mutual fund

43) Get published

44) It is a secret



Please get better, because I want to run my guts out.

Love of my Life,

Please come home soon.  My fingers, lips, and heart all miss you.


Please come out to play and stay. I got a bikini last weekend, and I would like to wear it.

…Future Chocolate Lab Puppy,

I frickin’ love you and am going to spoil you rotten.

Cozy Bed,

It is 10:22 on a Friday night and you are looking pretty darn awesome.


The definition of a good friend is one who keeps his word to his own hurt.

Okinawa Here I Come!

Whenever we look at, the truth of the Battle of Okinawa, we think, there is nothing as brutal, nothing as dishonorable, as war.
In the face of this traumatic experience, no one, will be able to speak out for, or idealize war.
To be sure, it is human beings who start wars. But more than that, isn’t it we humans beings who must also prevent wars?
Since the end of the war, we have abhorred all wars,
long yearning to create a peaceful island. To acquire this, our unwavering principle, we have paid dearly.

This quote can be found in Peace Park, Okinawa. I am adding it to the list of things to be found, because….I AM GOING TO OKINAWA!!!!!!!!!! 😀 The main attraction is Luke who is stationed in Okinawa. Bwa haha….However, I am becoming increasingly excited about exploring Okinawa while Luke is at work during the day. 🙂 On my list of things to try and find/do:

 -Visit Peace Park

Origami in memory of the dead at Peace Park in Okinawa

-Find Nakijin Castle


-Find Kokusai Street, also known as international street.  (Google Kokusai Street to see lots of cool pictures.)

-Find Shuri Castle. It’s just like in Mulan!!! Or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…. 😀

-If I can pull it off, I would REALLY like to surf. I never accomplished it in Hawaii, so why not Japan? 🙂

Today, I…

…made friends with a horny toad. I found a little pack of three horny toads in Colorado Springs today. While waiting for a “patrol” to come by so we could “ambush” them, I made friends with the littlest guy. As a side note, horny toads do not feel as spiky as they look.

…had an ostrich adventure. While working at the zoo this morning, I got to see some work being done on the ostrich AND see a real ostrich egg. I think next year I will conduct an easter egg hunt with a dyed ostrich egg as the grand, grand, grand prize.

…became a prisoner of war by hostile American forces. I played the role of terrorist with a *gasp* AK. I didn’t die, thank you very much. I was merely wounded. So I was searched for critical information, “zip-tied”, and became a POW.

…applied for two internships. Internship number one is for early this summer. Still working on getting those vet hours. Internship number two is a vague maybe. I found a zoo an hour away from 29 Palms. Wow, something does exist in the closeish vicinity of the desert it sounds like. I am hoping and praying that may work out….

…ended up having a good day. It started out in a difficult way. I very nearly ditched the zoo and lab and took a drive. To see where I would go if I stayed on Highway 50 all day. Probably nowhere with an empty tank of gas.

Day 1 JFTX

15:30-16:30-Travel to USAFA. Four people in a car, four sea bags, and four ruck sacks made for a….close experience. 😉 The whole way up one of the other cadets was trying to invent ways to get out of the FTX. I wasn’t quite sure why. But I found out…. 🙂

18:30-First formation. You may wonder what we did for the two hours in between arriving and our first formation…Well, I would answer if I knew the answer. It involved a variety of tasks such as put your kevlars on, take your kevlars off, put your sea bags here, put your sea bags there, getting flashlights for the flashlight I was issued the day before which apparently didn’t have batteries, etc. 🙂

19:30- 00:01-Yes, 00:01 is a time that actually exists. Fascinating….Anyway, night land navigation. Armed with reflective PT belts, red lens flashlights, neck gators (courtesy of fellow cadet, definite lifesaver), a compass, a protractor, and a map, I embarked into the cold Colorado Springs wilderness and found….one of the six points I was supposed to find. I hope cadets improve this skill prior to commissioning and eventually protecting the country. Just a thought. 🙂 After several hours of marching around in the dark, I set off to find something else. My tent. Since I put my gear in the tent approximately five hours ago in the light and it was now pitch dark and all ten tents looked the same….Well, let’s just say I had to walk into three tents and read the names on several gear bags before I found mine. Now I get why we label our junk. I went to bed in my sleeping bag with the thought in my head that I had 3 hours to sleep. One hour of fire watch and a 04:30 wake up call. It turned out to be closer to about one hour of sleep after the freezing temperatures and lack of Poly-pro cold weather gear made my whole body yell at me all night-I mean morning-to get the heck more gear on or go stinking find a heater. 🙂

Lessons so far: Make a mental note of which tent I’m sleeping in when I first stow my gear.

Master night land navigation.

Always have cold weather gear in, um, cold weather. Even if it’s not issued, find it!

Never expect the first order to match the second order.

Enjoy every silly thing that happens. You will enjoy life a lot….

Success of the Day

😀 Warning: This is a “Danika success”, possibly  not something anyone else on the face of this planet would consider a success.

The beginning: All successes must start with a failure. Mine started when I attempted to go into a lab to get a urinalysis done. No, I’m not on drugs. I need to get one done for LTC for some reason….Anyway, I walk in and they say I need a doctor’s note. Which makes no sense, because, well, let’s just make a long story short and say it doesn’t make sense. So, I walk out to my car, thinking I can call around a bit and see if I can figure this out. After all, I drove all the way to Colorado Springs…Well, my phone is dying. No problem! I have a phone charger. Which I plug in and it decides it doesn’t work anymore. I become suspicious, and plug in the iPod charger. It doesn’t work either. By now, I have deduced what only a genius could deduce. It is not the cell phone charger that doesn’t work. It is the outlet in my car that doesn’t work. Eureka! More like, damn, that sucks. So, I call a car repair place and say I need to get my car in. Yes, I had a tiny bit of juice left in my phone….The lady on the other end asks if I have checked my fuses. Duh, of course I….Well, no, I haven’t. I say I’ll try that and call back. I sit in my car thinking, I don’t even know where the fuse box is at. So, I text someone in my platoon and ask if they know anything about cars. He tells me to check the manual. See if I ever ask you a question again…. 😛 So, I decide to check the manual. And, guess what?! I find my fuse box. So, I drive back to Pueblo and grab out the extra fuses from my Isuzu. And I change my fuse. I plug in my phone and….THE CHARGER TURNS ON!!!!!!!!! Success!!! 🙂


Five weeks until school is out.

Two days until the weekend.

Three hours until a phone call. Maybe….

Seventeen months until I start veterinary school.

Eleven weeks until Kentucky.

Three hours until bedtime.

Four months and 12 days until I can finally have a hug.

But actually….

Zero minutes until I start living.

Zero hours until the future begins.

Zero days until life starts.

Zero weeks until it the prensent is ended.

Breathing starts now.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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