…. a blog that Luke created. Luke and I have not had too much luck with communicating since he has been gone. With the exception of the last day or two….
First, we realized that we can catch each other online at my 5 am and his 9 pm. So, we try to IM when we can.
Second, he got a phone card!!!!! 😀 I have had a few 2 or 3 minute conversations with my guy. It is really good to hear his voice and know that I am not imagining his existence. 😉
Third, a new blog!!! What a cool idea. He created a blog where we can both post! I was quite impressed with his ingenuity! 😉

In other news, the semester has begun. It will be quite the busy one as I am working part time, doing two part time internships, taking an immunology class as well as ROTC. I am hoping that the semester flies by in a blur of excitement, adventures, and challenges. When it is over, praying that it will be possible to go to Okinawa somehow and see my love. 🙂


Great News

So, the big news has arrived…OUTREACH LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the e-mail…

Hey Guys,
We’re really excited for you to get here in a few days. We’re continually praying for you. In our praying for outreach, we feel the Lord has been leading us to follow paths of injustice. We feel their are 3 paths we’re supposed to follow. One starts in Morocco and goes through Europe to Amsterdam. The second route starts in the Balkans and goes through Europe to Amsterdam. The third route starts in St. Petersburg and goes through Scandinavia to Amsterdam. You will spend at least 1 month in a key location (such as – 1 month in St. Petersburg) and then the second month would be spent traveling to Amsterdam, which is our debriefing location.

So, praying about where God wants me…And packing. 🙂 I fit everything into my backpacking pack and a carry-on backpack! My Mom was laughing at me and threatening to take pictures of the small amount of packing I did. So, pics may be up soon. Maybe…

In other news, I got in invite to interview for MSU’s vet school program!!! However, it is in February in the middle of my training for YWAM. So, I will be declining the offer. If God wants me in, I suppose I’ll be going to KSU or CSU. 🙂

Leaving on Thursday…Until then I plan on saying bye to my best friend, C, hanging with my hermana tomorrow night, and just spending time with my family. I will likely post another update before leaving, so until then…aloha! 😉

Announcement Part Dos

Driving. I don’t even want to calculate how many hours I spent in a car. I was at CSU-P for 5 semesters. I drove in to school 3 to 5 days a week with an approximate 50 minute drive each way. That’s a hundred miles a day. That’s up to five hundred miles a week. That’s up to 8000 miles a semester. That’s up to 40,000 miles I have successfully driven. I should get get a plaque for that. Good times though. I officially know where every single station in the Pueblo/Fremont County area goes in and out down to the mile marker. And of course I know every song on every one of those radio stations. And some of the best conversations I have ever had have been in cars with my carpool buddies. Shout out to A!!! I loved your car, man. I was afraid it would burst into flames every time I got into it though. Go, K!! I am still sad that you had to leave me for CofO. Woohoo N!!! You really made me think. You had some fascinating ideas. Yay S!!! We still need to have a Highschool Musical marathon by the way.

Moving. Here is an ode to moving. I moved a total of 5 times in the entirety of my college career. That is an average of once per semester. The funny thing is that all my moving happened in one single year. I’ll just chock that one up to a sense of adventure. Although by the 5th time one has to move a fish, a frog, and a hermit crab across the state of Colorado, it is a little old.

Sleep. I love my sleep. It is one of my best friends. But there are those semesters in which I stayed up until 1 or 2 in the morning and got up at 6:45 to leave town by 7 to make it to an 8 o’clock class. That was the semester I fondly entitle “The Jeans and T-shirt Semester”. Not to say every semester isn’t that way, but most other semesters I will break the mold once or twice a week by wearing *drumroll please* a nice shirt. Whoa! Yeah, I think my calc friends probably thought I was homeless. I wore the same thing for sixteen weeks. I am proud to say that I never pulled an all-nighter for studying though. I listened to my older and wiser friends on that point.

Breaks. I think this is the only time in life one gets two one week breaks, a four week break, and a twelve week break in the span of one year. It’s really quite fabulous. My best adventures were had in these breaks…Mexico, Africa, spring break in Mississippi near a beach, wildlife rehab center, dirt farmer, subcontractor, and Cali on Turkey break to name a few.

Announcement Part Uno

I have an announcement to make….*long, suspenseful pause*….I JUST GRADUATED!!!!!! I officially (assuming I pass all my classes of course) have my BS (stands for bachelor of science, nothing else. Although I do admit I had to take a few b.s. classes in there…) with a minor in chemistry. In the middle of it, it seemed like years away-which technically it was-but in looking back, I feel like time flew. I think I have learned more in this short period of life than the other fifteen or sixteen years combined.

In the tradition of remembering stupid stories or lessons learned….

Obedience. Yup, that has probably been the most important lesson I have learned in this period of time. Hands down, God knows what is best for me. And trying to go against that does not work. Sure, I could say that was obvious with my mouth, but I had to have a hard lesson in trying to make a situation work before I realized I would be so much better off just waiting on God.

Organic Chemistry. This class truly was insane as all the rumors I heard of it when I was a freshie. I dreaded it, but once I got into it, it was probably one of the best classes ever because of the friends I made. We studied our butts off for this class about 4/7. Yes, four hours a day seven days a week. Seriously. We were so ridiculous we would actually make up extra problems and post them in “The Cave” for each other to figure out. Okay, so it sounds gay, but we all got A’s and that is unheard of. So laugh all you want… 😉

No coffee. You know, I find it fascinating that I am not hooked on coffee. Everyone said I would be by the time I got the end of my undergraduate career. I am proud to say that I graduated not under the influence of any caffeinated compounds. I was high on life!!! Not coffee…Okay, so that was a little intense.

Amino acids. I think it is rather funny really because after spending likely 20 to 24 hours of my short life memorizing 20 amino acids, including their structures, their one letter designations, and their three letter designations, I will likely forget them by March 12th. Yeah, I’d say I may remember them for three months. Maybe…

To be continued…

Brain Stir Fry

I think my brain has nearly reached that point of fried…As in, I read the same sentence three times, and I still don’t know what I read two seconds later. Well, I am praying it will last me 3 days and 18 hours more. 🙂 Today, I checked microbiology and environmental toxicology off the list. Woo hoo!! The 17 page microbiology test wasn’t bad; the twenty page environmental toxicology was though…Praise God for successfully getting through two finals with only two more to go! Physics II and biochemistry are left. Almost there…

The joy of the Lord is my strength. I choose to daily place my thoughts in the fact that He has rescued me and allowed me to have a relationship with Him. With this in mind, an out of this world joy that supersedes the situations going on around me is possible. 🙂


So, with the official last attendance of class happening this afternoon-YAY!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!-comes studying for finals. Well, the continuation of studying for finals. I generally find myself at this point in the semester-a time most critical for studying-to be in the least mood for it. Some examples of my excuses so far:
-I have not checked Facebook for a whole 30 minutes. I really need to check it.
-I know I ate like 20 minutes ago, but I wonder if there are any good snacks in the cupboard.
-My 3 ring binder just bit me. I’m suing someone and not studying anymore.
-Theoretically, I should know all this already. Why study?
-Why do I need to graduate again?
-My highlighter is out of juice. Oh well…
-Staring off into space….an hour later….oh, bummer, guess I better go to bed….
-Oh!!! I haven’t blogged today. That was the most recent one I suppose. 😉

Well, I am certain that the next 6 days and 18 hour will fly by. No, I am not counting. Soon enough I will walk out of my last final and be on to the next challenge. I am excited to see what God has in store for this next season of life. I feel as if I have learned that I truly am not capable of doing something on my own. The only way I got through these last four years was by His grace and strength. I have also grown so much in these last two and a half years in Pueblo. I can hardly believe it flew by so fast, and I wouldn’t have traded this period of time for the world. 🙂


My guy, L, has been in Iraq for a whole month already!!! Only six more to go until I see him. So, I have decided we could be in the book for weirdest relationship ever. We met at the end of last summer when he was on leave, started courting/going out/whatever the day before he left to go back to base. I went to see him for a weekend about three weeks before he deployed. So, we have been together for like three months-whoa!!!!-and I have been around him for a total of three weeks. That makes me laugh out loud to myself as a matter of fact. 🙂 I must say, however, that God is so evident in the whole thing so far. It was a random chain of events that let us meet each other to say the least.
So, dear reader (if at all existent), you must be asking yourself what provoked this paragraph. I was sitting here looking through some blogs. I came across Edge’s blog where “Disturbia” was mentioned. I laughed when I realized I got a big smile on my face every time this song comes on the radio. It reminds me of going to Las Vegas and being at the Marine Corp ball with Rihanna blaring in the background. So much for high class Micheal Buble or something….But I probably wouldn’t have a story to tell if that was the case.
In other news, 9 days until I finish up my bachelor’s!!!! And 30 days until I start the next grand adventure: YWAM…

Guess what!?

So….I GOT AN INTERVIEW FOR KSU’S VET SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! I am scheduled for an interview at 8:30 in the morning on December 20th. I can’t believe it. This is something that has been in the works since high-school and now…Who knows, I may not get in. And that would be okay. Then again I may get in. Maybe God has been helping me out all along so that I could get to this place. Only time will tell. But until then I will jump up and down that I have an interview.

Plus, it is the Friday before break. Who couldn’t be full of energy at the thought of having a whole week in which I will not be assigned any more homework. This is the first break I have decided to take it easy and not do a whole lot. Usually I hop on a plane and go see family or hop in a car with a bunch of people and go build houses. He he…But this time it is going to be chill. God provided me with some work with my Dad for a few days which will help in the mulah department. And I have 8 finals to study for, so I will have no reason to complain about being bored. 🙂

The Adventure

So, yesterday, I was just workin’ on homework, played my guitar a little bit, did some more homework, made cereal bars, did some more homework, went to the bank, did some more homework. 4:30 rolls around, and I was literally about to jump out of my skin. I tried doing a hundred crunches and 20 pushups. That was nice. For about 30 minutes. Since I didn’t want to do like 500 crunches over the course of the day, certain that my lunch would be squished back up and out my mouth. Ew… I decided to do something random!!!Therefore, I sent P a text message: “Want to drive to New Mexico”. I get a text back, “What? When? Huh?”. Then she calls me asking what in the world. I said I was serious. Let’s just drive to New Mexico. Give me one good reason why not. So, we decided to go. Sadly, C had to be a good student and go to classes, so it was just P and I. So, we drove, got hungry, stopped and got some gas station food. Have you ever noticed how gas station food is like always mystery food. You never know what you’re going to get….Anyway, we drove, and drove, and drove. Got to the border of New Mexico after talking about the meaning of life, the future, making music videos, etc. We stood in two states at once-seriously…In the middle of the night, pulled over and just did it. Oh, and we made sure the state of New Mexico would know that we had been there also. 😉 Then we drove back, and drove, and drove, and drove, stopped and got some peach-o’s… P is the only other person on the face of the planet that I know that likes these along with me. We drove, and finally got home. And went to bed. The End.

Now I have a few minutes before I need to take a micro test. So, I should probably start walking over to class right about now. Happy Wednesday!

Chicken With No Head!!!!!

Never thought I could say I was stoked about gram positive cocci. Well, I am. I found some and that makes my life a bazillion times easier. Woo hoo!!!! God is good. 🙂 Took half of my biochem test today and think I did pretty good. I get the other half as a take-home on Friday…So, I have reached that point in the semester where I can see that the rest is going to absolutely fly by. It is so busy I will forget to count down the days to graduation. In the next two weeks, I have a biochem test, my micro lab project to finish, a presentation to give in toxicology, a micro lab test, and lots of homework. I better not blink or I might miss the last few weeks of my senior year. 🙂

I have two more fundraisers in the works coming up, so I am excited about that. I am trying to get a spaghetti dinner organized for November which had great success last time I did one. And also a servant auction during finals week that myself and another friend going to YWAM are planning.

Time to sign out. Tox lecture starts in like 4 minutes.

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