My New Friend, Earl

I found a baby bird. I named him Earl. His parents probably already have a name for him, but I suppose it can be a nickname. I was out on the porch taking pictures of fabric for my Mom’s shop when I looked down and saw a baby bird on the planter just watching me. He didn’t even try to run away. He was old enough to perch but was unable to fly as he had no tail feathers yet. I ran inside to grab a bowl and lined it with some washcloths. I came back out and picked him up. Earl is apparently very brave as he did not flinch or try to get out of my hand. I put him in the bowl and he promptly hopped out. Apparently Earl enjoys adventures. So I picked him up and walked around a bit looking for nests. I heard some distressed chirping at the edge of the yard and figured it may be Earl’s parents telling him to get his butt back in the nest. I decided to leave Earl close to them and head back to the porch, so they could get him home without being scared by me. I went back to the porch and continued taking pictures. All of a sudden I looked down and saw Earl. He was looking up at me. Apparently Earl did not fall out of his nest. He jumped out of his nest, looking for an adventure. In an effort to eliminate any distraction, I went back inside so Earl could head back to Mom and Dad. I went over to the other side of the house and continued to take pictures. A few minutes later, I looked over to a bush and saw Earl and his Mom. They were talking. But it was in birdspeak, so I am not sure what they said. In any case, Mom hopped halfway across the driveway (I assumed she was going towards the nest.) and turned around and called to Earl. Earl exited the bush, and came about a quarter of the way across the driveway. And darted into the garage where I was located. After all of this Earl love, I decided I really should leave and went inside completely. I think you’re cute, Earl, but I would imagine your parents can take better care of you. A few hours later, I checked outside and there was no sign of Earl. He must have finally decided to go home and save the adventures for another day.

More Japan adventures to come….



Thank you, Edge, for the award! I am passing it off to Pink Apple Core and Rabenstrange!

More later. My Dad just walked in saying it was time to head to work. But I already those I passed the award on to to check out this post!

Beginning and Grand Plan

While everyone else is finishing, I am just beginning. Lost. I don’t have TV, and I got tired of waiting so long for each season to come out on DVD. By the time the next season came out, I had forgotten the previous one. Therefore, I put it off until it was nearly done. It’s nearly done, so I am now watching it.

Spanish update: So, since L is in the military he gets access to Rosetta Stone for free. Maybe the government thinks that people will decide to learn the language of the countries they are deploying to. Who knows. In any case, I am getting Rosetta Stone Spanish for free for another year and a half. This is one part of my grand plan to not be bored in 29 Palms. It is actually a five part plan. See plan below….

Part 1. Work. Yes, work. What can I say, I have to stay busy. Besides, gotta have money to live by oneself like an adult and also save for that grand degree I’m planning on.

Part 2. Volunteer. At an animal clinic. Yup, still working on those never ending animal hours for vet school. Last time I checked, I had about 200 hours to go which I am hoping to finish just in time for my October vet school applications. Which brings me to part 3.

Part 3. School Applications. Once again, the long and expensive process of applying to veterinary schools and graduate programs will commence this summer. Vet apps are due October 1st and grad school applications seem to be about January or February.

Part 4. Learn Spanish. For real. I did it halfway-fakey in high-school and had another halfhearted attempt in college by corresponding with my Spanish speaking grandma through letters. It generally involved looking up every word in my Spanish-English dictionary. I have motivation this time though! The guy I intern for at the dairy says that Spanish is a huge factor in the feed animal (especially dairy) industry. Knowing Spanish is a fantastic skill to have in this area of work.

Part 5. Write a Book. I’m serious. I have always wanted to, but I thought I had to be a good writer or be more mature first. I guess I thought I had to be qualified. Come to think of it, though, when have I ever succeeded at something I was qualified for? Never. When I have succeeded at something I had no clue about? More often.


Accomplishment For the Day: I mailed out three resumes to California veterinary clinics. One I have submitted a resume to before; they called me, but it was right after we found out L was deploying, and I would be hanging out in good old Colorado for another year or so. The cherry on top is my resume is even better now!

Frustration of the Day: Too many people say to be yourself and go for your goals and then dislike it when you do.

Thought for the Day: Everyone has a different way they feel loved. Usually you show love in the way you feel loved. Is the person you are trying to love really getting it? They may communicate in an utterly different way.

Excitement of the Day: I leave for Japan in 9 days! Time has flown much faster than expected. No complaints there!

Goal Yet To be Accomplished for the Day: Get the sawdust out of my shoes. My job at the clinic ended on Friday, (It was so sad to leave. Great job!) so in the interim time periods between Japan, Kentucky, and California, I am working with my Dad. Today, we were laying wood. Thus, sawdust in my shoes. It feels very odd, but it could be exfoliating.

My Confession of the Day: I think people always leave.

Happy Monday!

Relative Favorites List

Favorite is relative. I have several favorites in every “favorite category” known to man. Therefore, this is “Relative Favorites List”.

1. favorite hobby?

I LOVE to run. I can’t right now though, because I am working on getting over a running injury. Praying for soon. I am ready to run that marathon!

2. favorite tv show?

I don’t watch TV, but when I do, it is when I rent TV episodes of “House”.

3. favorite restaurant food?

I am in love with fettucine alfredo. I started drooling looking for a picture of it.

4. favorite thing to shop for?

There is no picture, because I do not shop. Ugh! Shopping is nearly torturous really.

5. favorite animal?

My favorite are chocolate labs. Currently, Moose (My parent’s puppy) takes the cake.

6. favorite song?

How can anyone, especially me pick a favorite song? I guess the song of the week may be this one…. (Warning: This song is not PG rated.)

“My First Kiss”

7. favorite word?

The first thing that came to mind was………SMOOSH

8. favorite thing you own?

My notebooks!!!!!!!! I can fill a cardboard box or two with all the ones I have filled over the years. It is really an addiction…

9. favorite movie?

Once again, this is utterly relative. Here is one that I loved when I was younger. There crops up the underlying obsession with “Romeo and Juliet”.

10. favorite childhood memory?

What?! Favorite?! Okay, how about I do the first one I thought of? I used to go with my Dad to the dump when I was younger. He drove this sweet Jeep pickup truck. (I was hoping to inherit it when I started driving, but it pooped out right about that time.) I loved my Dad’s truck. Well, I still love his work truck. Sunflower seeds, utility knives, an old battered Bible, way old air freshener, a calculator, a pencil, and grout samples can be found most of the time. In any case, when my Dad and I would take dump trips, two awesome things happened. Awesome thing #1: I got to sit on my Dad’s lap and drive once we got into the dump. #2: I got a free Tootsie pop from the “dump man”. I hate Tootsie pops now, but apparently I liked them then.

Rosetta Stone

I have decided to continue….learning Espanol. I did a little bit in high-school, but I can prove the “Dont’ use it and lose it” phenomenon. I have several options:
1. Use the old textbook and CD’s I was using in high-school. I think my Mom still has them actually.
2. Use in “in the car CD’s” I obtained from my Guatemalan great-grandma.
3. Try to get Rosetta Stone for free (I heard some rumor about military dependents/military have access to free Rosetta Stone).
4. Experiment with a combination of all three ideas.

Pro’s and Con’s.
1. I don’t remember being highly enthused with the textbook. And the lady that spoke on the CD’s could not be taken seriously, because her voice was so ridiculous. Thought: I was not enthused, because I was in high-school. And it is free. I would probably just have to dig through the old home-school textbook pile.

2. I totally zone these out. I listen for a minute and then I drive and wish I was listening to 98.9 dance music. Or 104.5 country. Or 94.3 rock. Or my Elvis CD. Or the music on my iPod. Still it could help to hear and learn. Just have to actually hear it I guess.

3. I have heard GREAT things about Rosetta Stone. I just can’t figure out how to get it for free. And I can’t buy it. It is utterly too expensive.

4. Use what you’ve got is good. But it may be overwhelming to try it all.

Any suggestions?

In other news, two weeks left at my first official adult job.

This Day Last Year….

…I was here!

No, not a bugle on a postcard. I was in Stockholm. It is crazy how fast time flies by. In the months of January through March, I was in Kona, Hawaii. April and May were the months of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Amsterdam. How times changes and how different it is from what I expected. What I didn’t expect:
-To be married
-To be moving to California in 2 months
-To be going to Japan in 2 weeks
-To be going to LTC in 4 weeks
-To be living in P-town, Colorado right now
-To be working at a veterinary clinic and have 3 days left of working there

Moral of the bugles and postcard? Never underestimate the power of a year.

Can We Be Done Now?

Is this almost over? When can I stop taking care of it all by myself? How many more days do I have to go without talking to you? How many more weeks without seeing you? How many more times do I say good-bye? How many more smiles to paste on my face? How many more times do I have to brush off, “You’ll be fine” or “It’s almost over” or “This is nothing”, because it really isn’t fine, nothing changes if it’s almost over; we’re still apart, and it is something. Can I have a hug from you already? Can I just go fall asleep and wake up when it’s over?

Happy Easter/Resurrection Day/Holiday

I know, I know, the picture is kinda crappy. And my writing on the egg-yes, I dyed an Easter egg-is kinda bizarre. You try writing with a clear crayon on a white egg and see if you ever make fun of me again….

Never thought I would be posting a picture of an Easter egg on my blog to make an attempt to show you that I am thinking of you.

You seem so far away, and I am trying to find you. But sometimes I am afraid to go looking, because I know a lot of times I won’t find you. Then I feel let down.

So, three months used to seem like a relatively short period of time. It seems pretty long now. And amazing how much things can change in that amount of time.

*lays head on keyboard* Goal before I die: Be able to put my thoughts into words. Be able to accurately describe the madness called my brain….Until then, I will continue to leak a few of those jumbled thoughts out of my ears and onto the proverbial paper. Until then #2, I will always love you.

New! :D

I am making a move. To WordPress. Please visit me here! 🙂 It is not very exciting yet since it is just getting started.

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