Best Movies of 2006

“Monster House”-Most of what I found amusing was the animation.

“Night at the Museum”-Most were surprised when I said I really liked this one. All the characters were hilarious! There were quite a few big names too-Dick Van Dyke, Owen Wilson, Mickey Rooney…


“V for Vendetta”-I still can’t make up my mind about this movie. The reason I put it in this list is because of how oddly fascinating it was.

“Lady in the Water”-M. Knight will always be my favorite maker of movies. He has never disappointed me. The imagination of he storyline is enough to make the movie. I won’t even get into the interesting characters.

Because I cannot get eight images into one post, you will have to see the next post for the remaining categories.

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Best Movies of 2006 Continued


“X-Men III”-Who couldn’t list this classic one?

“Inside Man” Great, imaginative movie with interesting twists.

“Nacho Libre”-I’m brought back to the good old Napoleon days. Good times…. 🙂

“Little Miss Sunshine”-Good funny, quirky character movie. Warning: May want the fast forward button handy.