Beginning and Grand Plan

While everyone else is finishing, I am just beginning. Lost. I don’t have TV, and I got tired of waiting so long for each season to come out on DVD. By the time the next season came out, I had forgotten the previous one. Therefore, I put it off until it was nearly done. It’s nearly done, so I am now watching it.

Spanish update: So, since L is in the military he gets access to Rosetta Stone for free. Maybe the government thinks that people will decide to learn the language of the countries they are deploying to. Who knows. In any case, I am getting Rosetta Stone Spanish for free for another year and a half. This is one part of my grand plan to not be bored in 29 Palms. It is actually a five part plan. See plan below….

Part 1. Work. Yes, work. What can I say, I have to stay busy. Besides, gotta have money to live by oneself like an adult and also save for that grand degree I’m planning on.

Part 2. Volunteer. At an animal clinic. Yup, still working on those never ending animal hours for vet school. Last time I checked, I had about 200 hours to go which I am hoping to finish just in time for my October vet school applications. Which brings me to part 3.

Part 3. School Applications. Once again, the long and expensive process of applying to veterinary schools and graduate programs will commence this summer. Vet apps are due October 1st and grad school applications seem to be about January or February.

Part 4. Learn Spanish. For real. I did it halfway-fakey in high-school and had another halfhearted attempt in college by corresponding with my Spanish speaking grandma through letters. It generally involved looking up every word in my Spanish-English dictionary. I have motivation this time though! The guy I intern for at the dairy says that Spanish is a huge factor in the feed animal (especially dairy) industry. Knowing Spanish is a fantastic skill to have in this area of work.

Part 5. Write a Book. I’m serious. I have always wanted to, but I thought I had to be a good writer or be more mature first. I guess I thought I had to be qualified. Come to think of it, though, when have I ever succeeded at something I was qualified for? Never. When I have succeeded at something I had no clue about? More often.