I’m Back!!!!!!

I am back on the face of the planet. So, I was a little deceived when I thought I would have time to blog at LTC. A combination of 0430 wakeups, fire guard every 3 nights, drill sergeant training AKA torture, no internet, a ton of training, and little cell phone reception, there was no blogging going on.

To summarize, it was one of the best and most difficult experiences ever. I….

…learned to have fun when things aren’t fun.

…qualified on an M-16.

…decided to not contract as a 2nd lieutenant.

…decided to go forward with vet school.

…met way cool (and some not so cool) people from the U.S. of A and Puerto Rico.


1 Comment

  1. Julia said,

    August 23, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Welcome back!

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