Relative Favorites List

Favorite is relative. I have several favorites in every “favorite category” known to man. Therefore, this is “Relative Favorites List”.

1. favorite hobby?

I LOVE to run. I can’t right now though, because I am working on getting over a running injury. Praying for soon. I am ready to run that marathon!

2. favorite tv show?

I don’t watch TV, but when I do, it is when I rent TV episodes of “House”.

3. favorite restaurant food?

I am in love with fettucine alfredo. I started drooling looking for a picture of it.

4. favorite thing to shop for?

There is no picture, because I do not shop. Ugh! Shopping is nearly torturous really.

5. favorite animal?

My favorite are chocolate labs. Currently, Moose (My parent’s puppy) takes the cake.

6. favorite song?

How can anyone, especially me pick a favorite song? I guess the song of the week may be this one…. (Warning: This song is not PG rated.)

“My First Kiss”

7. favorite word?

The first thing that came to mind was………SMOOSH

8. favorite thing you own?

My notebooks!!!!!!!! I can fill a cardboard box or two with all the ones I have filled over the years. It is really an addiction…

9. favorite movie?

Once again, this is utterly relative. Here is one that I loved when I was younger. There crops up the underlying obsession with “Romeo and Juliet”.

10. favorite childhood memory?

What?! Favorite?! Okay, how about I do the first one I thought of? I used to go with my Dad to the dump when I was younger. He drove this sweet Jeep pickup truck. (I was hoping to inherit it when I started driving, but it pooped out right about that time.) I loved my Dad’s truck. Well, I still love his work truck. Sunflower seeds, utility knives, an old battered Bible, way old air freshener, a calculator, a pencil, and grout samples can be found most of the time. In any case, when my Dad and I would take dump trips, two awesome things happened. Awesome thing #1: I got to sit on my Dad’s lap and drive once we got into the dump. #2: I got a free Tootsie pop from the “dump man”. I hate Tootsie pops now, but apparently I liked them then.



  1. May 10, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    oooh i do the same thing with Chinese, i could eat that all day. It’s funny i can only eat maybe two slices of pizza but Chinese i can eat a pound…le sigh

  2. Islandia said,

    June 1, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    love that song right now too! “my first kiss went a little something like this…” haha
    Also I agree that has to be the cutest puppy – I grew up with labs too.

    And too funny – I have memories of going to the junk yard with my Dad too – he’d go to find old wood that was actually still good to build stuff with!

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