Okinawa Here I Come!

Whenever we look at, the truth of the Battle of Okinawa, we think, there is nothing as brutal, nothing as dishonorable, as war.
In the face of this traumatic experience, no one, will be able to speak out for, or idealize war.
To be sure, it is human beings who start wars. But more than that, isn’t it we humans beings who must also prevent wars?
Since the end of the war, we have abhorred all wars,
long yearning to create a peaceful island. To acquire this, our unwavering principle, we have paid dearly.

This quote can be found in Peace Park, Okinawa. I am adding it to the list of things to be found, because….I AM GOING TO OKINAWA!!!!!!!!!! 😀 The main attraction is Luke who is stationed in Okinawa. Bwa haha….However, I am becoming increasingly excited about exploring Okinawa while Luke is at work during the day. 🙂 On my list of things to try and find/do:

 -Visit Peace Park

Origami in memory of the dead at Peace Park in Okinawa

-Find Nakijin Castle


-Find Kokusai Street, also known as international street.  (Google Kokusai Street to see lots of cool pictures.)

-Find Shuri Castle. It’s just like in Mulan!!! Or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…. 😀

-If I can pull it off, I would REALLY like to surf. I never accomplished it in Hawaii, so why not Japan? 🙂


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