Today, I…

…made friends with a horny toad. I found a little pack of three horny toads in Colorado Springs today. While waiting for a “patrol” to come by so we could “ambush” them, I made friends with the littlest guy. As a side note, horny toads do not feel as spiky as they look.

…had an ostrich adventure. While working at the zoo this morning, I got to see some work being done on the ostrich AND see a real ostrich egg. I think next year I will conduct an easter egg hunt with a dyed ostrich egg as the grand, grand, grand prize.

…became a prisoner of war by hostile American forces. I played the role of terrorist with a *gasp* AK. I didn’t die, thank you very much. I was merely wounded. So I was searched for critical information, “zip-tied”, and became a POW.

…applied for two internships. Internship number one is for early this summer. Still working on getting those vet hours. Internship number two is a vague maybe. I found a zoo an hour away from 29 Palms. Wow, something does exist in the closeish vicinity of the desert it sounds like. I am hoping and praying that may work out….

…ended up having a good day. It started out in a difficult way. I very nearly ditched the zoo and lab and took a drive. To see where I would go if I stayed on Highway 50 all day. Probably nowhere with an empty tank of gas.


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