The Things To Be Found Exciting…..

The Things Found to Be Exciting In a Vet Clinic That Normally Would Be Viewed as Gross to a Normal Person (Caution: Ickiness Follows):

-S explains, “Awesome! I just found tapeworm eggs in the puppy’s poop!” Why the heck is that exciting, you may ask….Well, because now we know why puppy is barfing and has diahrrea. Yes, tapeworms can be exciting. Of course, when you see them fall out of puppy and crawl across the exam table…..You got it, no one is excited about that.

-Me: Oh, good, the cat’s abcess broke open as I was shaving the fur away. This means we don’t have to drain it anymore. The clippers did it for us….

-The tech who loves to assist in eye surgeries gets all excited when a pug comes in with an eyeball hanging out of its head. Yay, we get to do eye surgery to put it back into its eye socket!!!

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