Thoughts On….

-Why is something that grows from dirt and merely needs to be cut off from its life source with a pair of scissors so frickin’ expensive? So far, my bouquet will cost $70.00. Time to walk down the aisle with some dead twigs. Maybe I could pretend to be making a statement….

– I will go to City Market the day before and make an attempt to get flowers for the tables. If there are none, well….there’s no flowers on the tables. I promise, ladies and gentlemen, the world will NOT end.

Animal Experience Hours
-I have 180 vet hours left!!!!!!! 😀 That is the good news. The bad news is I have 670 animal hours left. The good news is I have two or three possibilities for places to get my hours.

-Option #1-Dairy. I am SO excited. No really. I may get to milk cows. Oooh…..I know, I know, all the legit dairy people can commence laughing at my naivety.

-Option #2-Pueblo zoo…. 😀 I sent in my resume yesterday to be the official pooper scooper and all around zoo vet shadow.

-It’s retarded and should not be used as an excuse to communicate without inconvenience.

-It’s a cop out. Grow up and learn how to communicate with your mouth.

-May consider listening to myself and boycotting. Hmmm….


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