Blog Resurrection?

Could this be a blog resurrection? Perhaps…..I have said this once or twice before, and it really did not happen. However, I have an urge to write again. Bleed onto paper, dear friends! Well, not quite that intense, but let the inside out I suppose. 😉

Even though I will not have any past readers curious about the changes in my life, I will pretend that I do and update concerning my current life regardless of the reader quota.

1) I am getting married in 2 weeks, 5 days, and 18.5 hours approximately. I know, I know, last you all heard, I was seeing my boyfriend again for the first time in 9 months. What can I say? I guess we can prove the truth of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

2) Speaking of absence, I get to see L again in 3 days and 5 hours. I swear, my entire life is a countdown these days. We will spend a week in glorious 29 Stumps and from there get on a plane *together* for the first time ever and head back to Colorado to have a wedding shindig. Then two days later, we will head back to glorious 29 Stumps for a few days. From there, he will deploy to Asia and I will return home to *crossing fingers* finish my vet and animal experience hours.

3) I still love Peach-O’s. The sugar crunching under my teeth and the rubbery gumminess being swallowed whole into my tummy is an experience never to be grown out of.

4) I joined a fight club. For a short time. While I enjoyed the opportunity inflict pain and make boys cry, I got tired of the either/or attitude. Either, you’re the only girl here so I’m gonna hit on you every night. Hit as in hook up. Not hit as in hook punch. Or, you’re the only girl here so I’m not really gonna hit you. Cause you’re a girl. In conclusion, it was fun. I got my butt kicked. I kicked butt, and I may someday return. May.

5) My life is closer to full time work than full time school. For the first time in my existence. I needed animal experience hours to get into vet school, so I’m taking a class or two each semester and working mostly. I love school….Work is a little more lame. Except I need to eat. Although ramen noodles and PBJ’s kept me alive for quite a while. *contemplates giving up the dream of vet school and becoming a lifetime student*


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