Hello, Home!!

I have returned to the United States of America. What a good feeling it was to look out my window on the plane and see land that I knew was only a few hours from home. Five months has flown by in retrospect and was a little slow in the midst of it. Whatever the case may be, I am super blessed to be home and see my family. The icing on top is that my sis, E, was in town for a few days so I get to see her. And the cherry on top? L is coming in for post-deployment leave in a matter of 14 freaking days!!!! 😀

May you wake up every day and say today is the best day of my life. This is my new goal. There is only one day like today, and I intend to make the most of mine…

And now I am off to finish up the cleaning of my room. It took me all day yesterday to unpack, do laundry, and make my room liveable after it had served as a storage area. It is so nice to have a little space to myself.


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