He cares more about who I am than what I do….So, I have never heard God so clearly in my life as when He said that. I am trying to make this the attitude I operate out of in my life. I want to seek becoming more like Him rather than always trying to figure out the next big thing. The funny thing is I was washing dishes when He told me. I seem to find myself washing dishes a lot…..

1) My first roomies were the bomb. C and P have affected me in so many good ways, I probably couldn’t begin to recount their awesomeness. Part of the awesomeness of our house was the way we balanced each other out so well. C was a bathroom cleaning wonder. She did it weekly whereas I would have done it….never. P was a great cook whereas C and I cook and it is often disastrous. C and P hated dishes and would leave them in the sink for weeks for kitchen mold to eventually disintegrate into plate dust. So I became resident dish washer. I learned that God puts different people together and when you work together, you can keep a house from burning down.
2) DTS work duty. I never felt more like I was in summer camp than DTS work duty. I worked from 5:15 to 7:30 Monday through Friday in the kitchen. There is nothing like the smell of stinky campus kitchen at the setting of the moon in the middle of the night. 😉 In any case, my job was pot washer. The sticky oatmeal pans were my favorite. Or not….In any case, this work duty really was valuable despite my complaining. I learned to have a good attitude (I hope) even when I was tired and I realized that if it weren’t for me, the whole campus would have to forfeit oatmeal. Either that or get food poisoning…. Never underestimate the power of a job well done.
3) Outreach….After a few weeks of trying to make dish schedules and teaching people to correctly wash dishes after themselves, it became apparent that a resident dish washer was needed. Yes, sometimes God calls people to set the captives free and heal the lame. But He also needs people to wash the dirty bowls. So I did….And I learned that my Mom is amazing. She cleaned up after me as I grew up and I have to remember to tell her that I am sorry when I took her dishwashing for granted, and I love her so much for putting up with me. 
So, in conclusion dish washing has really had quite the profound effect on my life…..

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