A Return

I’m back! Well almost. I have one day left of outreach, one day of travel, several days of debrief, one day of travel, and then *deep breath* home. I have really slacked off over the past five months on blogging. I feel bad actually since it was such a time of huge change and crazy events in my life. I suppose-and hope-these changes will make themselves evident as I continue to write. To begin, how does one start to summarize five months of a super eventful part of my life? I guess I just take a deep breath and start typing….We will see what happens….

I can hardly believe I have been away from home for five months. I sort of did a mental block before I came to my DTS on January 1st. I still am not quite sure why I came to do one. It was so random, and I realize now it was something I did out of desperation. A desperation to not have a feeling of unknown and uncertainty. I was done with my bachelor’s, I had not gotten into vet school yet, and one of my best friends was halfway across the world. What was I going to do with myself? I thought of some really stupid things including the military (Don’t ask about that one. Luckily God gave me one of those crappy nauseous tummy feelings and now I realize I would have made  a HUGE mistake if I did that. I guess Moms are right most of the time, huh?) or getting my master’s at CSU-Pueblo (Which would have meant an extension of my bachelor’s degree and classes on the study of water-icky!). So, out of desperation, I found myself all by myself with no one I knew, my family across an ocean, no clue what I was doing with my life, and my best friend in Iraq. I was in a dorm room in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. What was I going to do with myself? I was stuck. Nowhere, nothing, and no one to drown myself in or find my fulfillment in. So, by default I had to run to this guy I had grown up hearing about and occasionally was spoken to through the Bible. This particular collision may be the best accident that has ever happened to me…
I can’t even begin to talk about all the ways that God met me in Hawaii. I learned that there is this being in this world that created me very lovingly and placed within me dreams and desires that He wishes to use for His glory. He is in a passionate pursuit for me, and has made himself available for a full on relationship with me. He was so faithful to meet me in my low spots, provide when I had needs, and stretch me in ways that have changed who I am.
More of the lowdown on my time at DTS. For now, I suppose I should try to evacuate the ants from my pants and sleep. Why is it I am tired all day and then sleep time comes and I’m super antsy…..
Seven days until I hug every member of my amazing family and about 3 weeks until I see my most amazing Marine….

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