The Last Few Weeks Summarized in Sentences

Is the life I am living worth Jesus dying for?

Satan often attacks the gifts God has for us or strengths He has given us. They are often twisted into fears.

God sees our lives differently than we do. I see the present and past. He sees the future. He sees me in the midst of my struggles and failures!

Fear is misplaced trust.

Do I have faith in my ability to have faith or do I have faith in Him?

The tighter we hold onto something (think of sand), the more slips through our fingers. The more tightly we hold to our lives or desires, the more we lose.

I can spend my whole life trying not to be somebody. Or I can spend my life seeing what God has for me and becoming it.

You don’t find His power until you find the end of yourself.

The goal of the Book is to know the author.

If it’s not for sale, don’t advertise it (modesty).

What does it mean for believers to be salt and light? Revelation and preservation to the world!

A culture has never had a multi-generational revival. Why? Because the generations need to be reconciled.


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