Belated Update

I apologize for my lack of updates in the time that I have been here. It looks as if in the one month-as of today-that I have been here I have blogged a total of two times. Tragic. 🙂 I have had so much going on around me that I was overwhelmed at the thought of attempting to condense it into a blog post I suppose. I decided, however, that I would write some main highlights and things that are going on, and if anyone has any questions, I would love to answer them.

God. God is working. God has been working. I have forgotten how to see that. I am learning what it is to actually and practically follow Jesus. Yes, many of us can call ourselves Christians, but how many of us have forgotten what it means to put down our agenda and follow Him to be His friend and find out what His “agenda” is. Through this process and realizing that I cannot even be a loving person until I have a love for Jesus, I feel as if the world is suddenly a new place. With the hope of Jesus Christ in me, what do I have to fear. With the God of the universe loving me, how can I be lost in depression? With the creator of the stars with a plan for me, how can I be anxious? I am not saying that we will not show these qualities in a fallen world, I am just realizing a new lens to see the world through. I am excited to keep walking with Him and discover new truths about Him and see what His life and heart is all about.

On a side note, stale Crunch ‘n Munch is fascinating. My fabulous mother sent me food. On the subject of food….I introduced my Korean friend to pbj. She saw me eating them. A lot. Up to twice a day and commented on it. I asked if she had ever had one, and she said no. *gasp* Life is not complete without trying pbj’s…She tried one and loved it. Success!!!!


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