First Update!

I have safely arrived in Hawaii. I was greeted by geckos and outdoor airport terminals. I have been busy trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing when and how to get ourselves unlocked out of possessed bathroom doors. I am rooming with four other people and am really looking forward to getting to know these people that are in love with Jesus.

I suspected in coming on this adventure that God was going to be teaching me about letting things go. I have been reminded twice today that I have to drop things out of my hands in order for Him to put the thing He wants to into my hands. I know I have heard the voice of God and am capable of it, but I have a struggle with wanting to hear. I have an unsubstantiated fear of Him not wanting me to do something i want to with my life and being depressed forever. Silly, yes. Truth, yes. Well, one day at a time. God, give me the strength to give You the things you ask for. And give me the wisdom to know when you are talking to me.

I am amazed at this opportunity that I have in front of me. I am looking forward to starting our first real day on Monday. We will start our training on bringing justice to areas where there is none. And showing Christ’s love to others.


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