Reverse Resolutions

In 2009 I Will Not…

-Start eating more vegetables. Unless Hawaii has an abundance of broccoli or green beans which I LOVE.

-Eat ice cream more than three times a week. This is not a choice I gladly make. It is mostly because 1) most of the year I will not be around a freezer to store my ice cream and 2) I will only be able to afford ice cream on free scoop day at 31 flavors.

-Be sleeping in my own bed for at least half of the year and hopefully longer than that. I am once again entering the world of living out of backpack and sleeping in very random areas.

-Not meet new people. As a matter of fact, in a matter of hours, I will be meeting a bunch of people who will be my homies for the next half of a year.

-Start to like tomatoes. I keep trying, but it really has never worked for me. What can I say?

-Stop smoking, because I honestly never really started.

-Drink less, because you have to drink more to drink less.

-Stop being addicted to FaceBook. Too bad, world, I enjoy it. And until I am in the middle of Morocco or St. Petersburg or the Balkans, hanging out with my kids with no access to the internet, it’s gonna stay that way.

-Make a New Year’s resolution that starts like: “This year I resolve to….”. I’m only resolving not to ______, thank you very much.

-Stop my amazing friends, family, and favorite guy that God has blessed me with.


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