Anyone who has been a Christian for more than two seconds has likely heard things about “spreading the gospel” and “bringing people to Christ”. This has always been a question/struggle/curiosity in my mind for several reasons:

-Christians are not the only “kind” and “loving” people. We are not the only ones that work on humanitarian projects or go on missions trips. What makes us different?
-It is stinking hard to share with some people. Regardless of whether or not you say the “right things” a person could still be completely closed to the love of Jesus.
-Many people-especially in the United States-flat out don’t want to hear about anything having to do with God, church, or the Bible. Often because they have been burned by it in the past.

I think I am realizing that life is simpler than I thought it was. I think the idea of a flaming person setting the world on fire for Jesus Christ is the idea implanted in our minds so much that we forget about another way. I am not saying this is the only way or the end all, but I wonder if it is not a bit simpler. For example:

-I was made to worship Jesus. Hands down, the end. Seems so easy.
-I am not needed to bring people to an understanding of the love of Jesus. It is all Him. He just allows me to be used.
-How else would I want to be using my time? I was left on this earth for that reason. Maybe I just need to shift my focus a bit…

In any case, that could be completely not cohesive and make no sense. However, these are the ideas running around in my head, so they are put down into history by writing them. Well, maybe not that extreme. 😉


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