Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas in Hawaiian)

It has begun!!! I got an e-mail today that contained *drum roll* the arrival information. Currently the whole thing seems very surreal. Sure I am leaving in 9 days, but that is FOREVER, so I just will avoid the thought. And no, I have not started packing. 🙂
It is not as if I don’t want to go, it is just so big and unknown that I am not sure how to think about it-therefore I kind of avoid the thought currently.

Random Updates On the Subject
-The DTS will be revolving around “The Past Effecting the Future”. Where that means I still do not know for sure, but I am praying about it and have my ideas. 🙂
-I still haven’t decided yay or nay on the whole guitar bringing thing yet.
-My DTS has about 22 students in it, but the school overall has 250 students arriving for the January quarter!!!! Talk about taking over the world here…
-One thing I know about the whole thing. Orientation/welcome in Ohana Court. No, this is not a “Lilo and Stitch” movie. 🙂 I am supposed to bring a gift as a “small expression of my culture”. Colorado…A rock? 🙂 Nah, any ideas?


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