Announcement Part Uno

I have an announcement to make….*long, suspenseful pause*….I JUST GRADUATED!!!!!! I officially (assuming I pass all my classes of course) have my BS (stands for bachelor of science, nothing else. Although I do admit I had to take a few b.s. classes in there…) with a minor in chemistry. In the middle of it, it seemed like years away-which technically it was-but in looking back, I feel like time flew. I think I have learned more in this short period of life than the other fifteen or sixteen years combined.

In the tradition of remembering stupid stories or lessons learned….

Obedience. Yup, that has probably been the most important lesson I have learned in this period of time. Hands down, God knows what is best for me. And trying to go against that does not work. Sure, I could say that was obvious with my mouth, but I had to have a hard lesson in trying to make a situation work before I realized I would be so much better off just waiting on God.

Organic Chemistry. This class truly was insane as all the rumors I heard of it when I was a freshie. I dreaded it, but once I got into it, it was probably one of the best classes ever because of the friends I made. We studied our butts off for this class about 4/7. Yes, four hours a day seven days a week. Seriously. We were so ridiculous we would actually make up extra problems and post them in “The Cave” for each other to figure out. Okay, so it sounds gay, but we all got A’s and that is unheard of. So laugh all you want… 😉

No coffee. You know, I find it fascinating that I am not hooked on coffee. Everyone said I would be by the time I got the end of my undergraduate career. I am proud to say that I graduated not under the influence of any caffeinated compounds. I was high on life!!! Not coffee…Okay, so that was a little intense.

Amino acids. I think it is rather funny really because after spending likely 20 to 24 hours of my short life memorizing 20 amino acids, including their structures, their one letter designations, and their three letter designations, I will likely forget them by March 12th. Yeah, I’d say I may remember them for three months. Maybe…

To be continued…


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