Word Vomit


-I must be cursed to be sick on the day I have 3 tests and 2 quizzes.

-You can get blazed off of cough drops and ibuprofen. Don’t chase the purple dragon!! 🙂

-I love to see my breath when I walk to class in the morning.

-Never make yogurt in your environmental micro project. It is a 65% certainty that you will barf.

-I still must figure out how to do linear regression on my calculator. I was instructed to do it over thanksgiving break, but I most certainly did not do that…

-This is the last crazy Wednesday of my undergrad. No more 10 to 6 full of classes here. Woohoo!!!

-So, I was just asked to speak at youth group. I think God listened to that thing I was talking about when I said I wanted to be stretched. ooops…He he…

-I feel like the clock by the computer always says 7:58. Maybe I’m always at the computer at that time. Oh!!!

-Goji berries look like little carrot bits. They are used for tea, and are actually quite drinkable.

-My bed hasn’t been made for ages. I know this is normal to some but not me. I am religious about my room being neat. Well, speaking of not doing the norm, you should see my floor.

-I really should get some crickets for Obadiah. He’s probably hungry.

-I just realized I leave in one month and one day for YWAM. How did this happen? Who’s life am I living…

-I should probably end this post since I need to go to school, and I still haven’t started warming up my poor little freezing car.


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