dum dee dum

So, I had a primary interview at Office Depot this morning. Yay for the possibility of work over Turkey break and the few weeks after I get out of school before YWAM! My Mom was threatening to make me go live with C and P if I couldn’t find a job, cause she couldn’t handle me and the way I get with “non-activity”. ha ha… 🙂 I have a second interview tomorrow, and it looks like I will find out for sure then whether the job of stocking is mine. Wahoo!!!

After about a year or more of inactivity, I have picked up my friend Simon (my guitar) once again. It feels so good to be playing again and getting the calluses on my fingers. I am learning to play “More Than a Friend” by Jeremy Riddle and “You Have My Attention” by Copeland.

So, I gave a presentation in toxicology on CS Gas. I was inspired after L told me about how Marines (and others in various military branches) go through training that puts them through a gas chamber with CS gas. CS gas is also commonly known as tear gas or riot gas. Pretty sweet stuff really. It is a microscopic barb that attaches itself to anything that is slightly wet: eyes, nose, sweaty skin, etc. It makes a person sneeze, cough, have a burning skin sensation, and get a really snotty nose. Yummy!!! No wonder it quells riots. And how ironic that individuals in the military and those training for law enforcement positions have to expose themselves to it.

Only 2 days until the Spaghetti Dinner. I am excited to see what God does! 🙂


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