Go Craigs List

Craigs List. A fascinating place really. It can be good, and it can be…interesting. The place I was living up in Longmont this summer was found through Craigs List. Great experience really. I call the number in the listing, I agreed with the rent price, and told the lady what date I would be there. She said that she would be out of town at the time, but she would leave the door unlocked. I thought that meant unlocked as in not bolted. No, it meant literally open. I found my house right away the night I drove up, because it was the only house on the block with a wide open door.

Experience number 2 with Craigs List involves looking for a job. Yes, I am looking for a job. It looks like I will be a holiday employee of some Canon chain like Hastings or Wal-Mart. I shall know in a few days. In any case, I saw an ad for a business needing a cleaning person. Okay, cool, I think in my head. I send an e-mail about being interested. I get an e-mail back that says the position is open, but I have to be comfortable with nudity. The place that needed cleaning is a nude photography studio. The person also said there was a position open for modeling for fifteen bucks an hour. I felt like laughing out loud at my computer chair but was a little too shocked about my job inquiry to do so.

Conclusion: Craigs List is amazing and could potentially make for a good story. šŸ™‚


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