Kinetics, Roundabout, and Mia

Satisfaction is finishing a enzyme kinetics take home test. Several hours and six pages later, I can set enzyme kinetics aside until the final. My next endeavor in biochemistry is to catch up on the carbohydrate chapter that I have basically done no studying on in an effort to digest enzyme kinetics. Ah, sounds like a fabulous Sunday afternoon form of entertainment. 🙂

So, the talk of my awesome tiny little town is the new roundabout. There are two factions of people. One group is excited that there will be some form of entertainment in town. In other words, we are talking about standing in the middle of the roundabout and watching people flip out because they have never encountered such a newfangled concept in all of their life. Then there is the the resentful faction. They question why the roundabout with literally 46 signs in it had to be put in the middle of town and ruin the groove of everything. My sister exemplifies this group in that she refuses to go into it and will go the long way through several grocery store parking lots to avoid it.

I found a new quote I love! Time to grab out the notebook of awesome random cool sayings.
“The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.” – mia hamm


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