Chicken With No Head!!!!!

Never thought I could say I was stoked about gram positive cocci. Well, I am. I found some and that makes my life a bazillion times easier. Woo hoo!!!! God is good. 🙂 Took half of my biochem test today and think I did pretty good. I get the other half as a take-home on Friday…So, I have reached that point in the semester where I can see that the rest is going to absolutely fly by. It is so busy I will forget to count down the days to graduation. In the next two weeks, I have a biochem test, my micro lab project to finish, a presentation to give in toxicology, a micro lab test, and lots of homework. I better not blink or I might miss the last few weeks of my senior year. 🙂

I have two more fundraisers in the works coming up, so I am excited about that. I am trying to get a spaghetti dinner organized for November which had great success last time I did one. And also a servant auction during finals week that myself and another friend going to YWAM are planning.

Time to sign out. Tox lecture starts in like 4 minutes.


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