The Weekend Thus Far

It’s been an eventful weekend so far…. 🙂 On Halloween, Em, S, Ty, and I all dressed up. Emily was a fairy-no wait, pixie-Sarah was a hippie just like she is everyday, Ty was….Ty, and I was a cowgirl. I was proud, because everything for my costume was in my closet. Thank you, Sarah, for the ingenuity! Ha ha…So, we went to an art show that Em had a piece in and looked at art. But mostly ate the food that they had. Yay for mini candy bars and sugar cookies. Then Hastings to play Guitar Hero for a while. I may hit up Hastings every once in a while from now on and see if I can gain expert level. 🙂 Then we watched a scary movie. So, if you want a good one, watch “The Strangers”. Emily and I are pretty desensitized to them, because we have watched so many, but this was a good one. I’ll never forget Em over on the couch literally screaming and Sarah and I cracking up at her. That was fun…

Then last night, went over to C and P’s for an adios party for B. Leaving for Japan for 6 months to do missions work. Woo hoo!! We had pie tasty pecan pie, went for a walk downtown after it got dark, and just chilled. So, it is the perfect time for walking. Crunchy leaves are my friend!!! And I got to hold a friend’s little tiny baby who was only like 3 months old. He fell asleep in my arms which basically made my entire day. 🙂

And now off to babysit for the day. My two short little heroes that I have in Sunday School I get to spend the day with while their parents go to Denver. Woo hoo! Wish me luck….. 😉


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