Tests and Stuff. What’s New?

Two tests down for the day! I had my microbiology exam and environmental toxicology test today. I wish to forget about them until I have them handed back to me in a few days. So, that is all I will say about that….

So, fascinating thought. What is it that keeps us from truly entering into the presence of Jesus? It is not just sins or struggles that we have, but more specifically sins and struggles that essentially make us who we are. I have to recognize these things and allow God to take them away. Him taking these things away is much more painful than many other things due to how “incorporated” into me it is. I am realizing that the thing holding me back from this deeper relationship with Him is my plans. My drive for accomplishment and the plans I’ve had for forever and a day and the selfishness that comes along with that hinders what He truly wants for me and the peace that comes with surrendering to that.

Time to go. Physics lab is in a few minutes. Looking at electromagnetic waves today. Hmmm, well, I only have six more labs. Wahoo!!!!!


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