So, once again, I can’t sleep. This is weird coming from the person who worships sleep. Religiously gets at least 8 hours every night. Nine preferred. So much to think about.

I am getting everything ready for my yard sale. I realize how much the treasures of this world really are junk. I strove so hard to get these things that I thought were so important. I realize now that most of those things end up in a closet forgotten. I like this feeling of selling basically everything I own and really having no worries or ties to objects. I will keep what I need to survive along with some of my favorite kid toys and notebooks of my years of scribbling and leave the rest.

Graduating in 9 weeks. What am I going to do with my life? How is the real world going to be? I’m excited to meet it, but also a little afraid. Woo hoo for owning one plate, a fork, and a sleeping bag. Bring it on, baby! 🙂

So, I feel like I finally got used to being a few thousand miles away from L and communicating through texting and phone calls. Suddenly, in 13 days that will once again change. Letters and the occasional phone call. Which is fine. I am excited for both of us. God has a plan for the adventures that we are about to go out on. I have a lot of thoughts in my head about the situation, but don’t really know what to say. I could think for hours about it. But if you asked me what was in my head, I couldn’t give you an answer.

Yard sale on Saturday!!!! Just to remind anyone who is interested in coming. 😉 I can give the info to anyone who is interested.


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