In Other News….

Random Happenings or Updates:

-I have my ticket to Hawaii.

-I am doing a yard sale this Saturday to raise money for YWAM. If you are interested in coming, I can give you the location!!!

-Today’s quote: My friend: “Hey, geek”. Me to friend: “Hey, nerd”. Friend: “Burn!!!”. Ha, I win. šŸ˜‰

-Another physics test is checked off the list successfully. This one was on currents, resistors, and magnets. Ohms? Yes, Ohms. I should know if the topics were really as interesting as I currently think they are when I get my test back….

-So, myself and some of my friends are going to go to homecoming this Thursday night at school. A pulled a Sadie Hawkins, trying to find some guys to go with us. My opinion of going by ourselves won out. Ha! So, three girls are gonna go crash the homecoming dance. Woo hoo!!!!

Realizing there are things in my heart that are put before God. Only when I take these things off the throne of my heart and put Him on it can I experience His presence fully. I am taking the leap and asking Him to weed the things out that are too important to Him. It is going to hurt in the midst of it, but I know the result will be a relationship with Him that is worth the pain and frustration.


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