Hola Weekend!

Hello, weekend!!

My week caught up with me, so Friday I crashed at 11. Yay for an early night. After my sister and I had a little too much fun having the house to ourselves. Turned up the music as loud as we wanted, watched movies, and made quite a bit of a mess in the kitchen. Which we of course cleaned up prior to the rest of our family returning. šŸ™‚

Today: Homework mostly. But now off to M’s 20th birthday party. I am dressed up like a chick from the 80s. Woo hoo! Stole a 80s rocker t-shirt from my sister’s closet. It has wolves and lightning on it if that gives you any idea. Also stole a bracelet and glasses from her. Come to think of it, Emily was totally born in the wrong decade. šŸ™‚

Tomorrow, church! And afer that, hopefully some ultimate frisbee…. *crossing fingers*

Happy weekend to all!

5/16 done with the school semester to any who are counting….


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