Random and Irresponsible

So I finally get pka’s. Good thing since I have a test a week from today. I also realize that I am 20 years old and I still have glowey stars on my ceiling. I also realize that the world is so much bigger than I realized. Whoa…there is so much out there. And I am so ready to meet it. Ready to graduate and take it on. Woo hoo! Oh, I also had to go to Wally World at the insane hour of 7:30 this morning to buy socks and a toothbrush. Stark opposite of the world being a huge place. It is also very small when your life consists of buying a bag of socks and a toothbrush. Which is dumbly expensive by the way. How can the world be so small and so big at the same time?

Did I inform you all that I am going to California in a matter of two and half weeks. Random? Yes. Irresponsible? Yes. But I am rarely the second so I need to do it. Often the first so I must keep up the tradition.


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