Indian Art, Physics, and Time Flying By

So, only three classes left until my first week of school is over. Shocking really! Where does the time go? I have an odd mix of uber excitement and apprehension inside me concerning graduation. I mean, what the heck?!, only 15 weeks and one day of classes until I will never be working on my bachelor’s degree. Where does the time go. It reminds me daily that I have to seize every day and enjoy it to the fullest I can. After all, I only have one more semester to live it up. 😉 Just kidding…After that, who knows where life will go. It may get even crazier from here on out. Who knows.

So, I finished my physics homework only to find that I had more posted online. It was a big weight off my shoulders with another to be dropped right on. He he…I worked on homework all today and I officially only have 3 chapters left to read, one physics problem left to work, and my physics lab report. I will work on this along with the other homework I get assigned on Friday over the weekend.

My Henna is already fading. It reached its peak yesterday and I can already see a decline. I put mine on the back of my wrist, but my skin is so dark from the farm that it really isn’t even all that noticeable. I think I need to hop a plane to India to get some real Henna. 🙂 Random fact: In India, brides get henna put over their entire body for a wedding. The rule is they can’t do housework until it wears off. Ha!


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