Friday’s Observations

-Fridays really are just that much better during the school year.

-Naps throw my entire life into chaos.

-Frog food kept me up all night. Translation: Crickets I feed my frog were chirping till 2 am, so I couldn’t sleep.

-I like teachers who go through information SUPER slow.

-I still don’t get Gibbs free energy. And I’ve learned about it life five times. Maybe it is just not meant to be.

-So who is the TP and who is the poo? Ha! Thanks, my fabulous friend, P******!

-I’m unsure about this. I need more clarification on what this is called. And I am kind super nervous about it too….Then again…..

-I really need to chop my hair off and I really want another tat. Thanks, F****!


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