So…after I answered the question of the ages: What is the potential acceleration of a glass bead (+2.0 nC) on an electron-which is approximately 3.8×10^14 by the way-I felt much better about my life. This meant that I did not have to drive to Pueblo tomorrow morning in order to consult with my physics professor or a tutor in the math lab to get some help with this problem. I figured it out. Yay! Now, I can commit tomorrow to finishing up *crossing my fingers* the rest of the homework that I have been assigned in the two days I have been at school. It consists of the following:
-Read ~20 pages for biochem
-Assign functional groups to 4 large molecules
-Do some online physics problems
-Read ~20 pages for microbiology
-Do micro homework sets
-Read 6 chapters for environmental toxicology
-Write my physics formal report
I really do love school. Once I get back in the groove-which I think I just did with my electron/glass bead problem-I thrive on the challenge of stuffing all my homework into life.

My favorite sentence of the day: “Exquisite stereospecificity is due to chirality of the molecules of the body.” I love it! 🙂


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