Today I…

Today I:
-Tried dog toothpaste. Seriously. My boss said I had to try it. The repertoire included chicken, malt, and vanilla mint. Hmm…I think her philosophy was that I could better sell it to a dog if I had tried it myself. I drew the line at seafood toothpaste though.
-Realized I should not be so freaked about my classes. It will be a ton of work, but I am luckily only at school 3 days a week.
-Talked with a friend from Med Sci club and said I could help with the club this year. I decided not to be an officer, because I will be leaving in the middle of the year….
-Got GRE scores in the mail and found out that I have a great score on analytical writing.
-LOVED the new Sugarland CD.
-am in disbelief that it is time for round two of school.

And now I am going to go work on homework. I need to see if I can figure out any of my biochemistry problems. 🙂


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