Good-bye, Summer…

Working at a wildlife rehab center.
Doing a 17 mile hike up a mountain in Rye.
“Meeting” a friend I’d never met before. šŸ™‚
Going to Washington to see Monique get married.
Making Italian food and watching movies with Carly on Friday nights.
Meeting my three little cousins.
Seeing the house I grew up in after 10 years.
Learning that there is a balance between “perfect love casts out fear” and wisdom.
Going to a drive-in.
Leaving the realm of teenagerdom by turning 20 and celebrating it by playing fruitwhacker! šŸ™‚
Starting my first relationship and having God teach me so much in the midst of and after it.
Being a dirt farmer.
Rockclimbing at Newlin Creek.
Reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and starting “Lost in the Amazon”.
Letting go of my future and giving it to God.

With school starting in a matter of…several hours, I am looking back and my summer and reflecting on all the blessings I had. God is so good to teach me through His word and life experiences. I am sad to say good-bye to it, but with only one semester left, I am really starting to look forward to entering the next phase of my life and seeing what God has for me. šŸ™‚


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