Ah!!!!!!! I am quickly realizing how little time I have left in my summer. School starts August 25th which means I have four and a half weeks left. I leave in 8 days to visit WA for a friend’s wedding. I will get back, have about a week to study, and take my GRE. That weekend I’m doing some camping with some of my homies. That signifies the beginning of the end. In other words, school starts a week after that. I am happy about my summer accomplishments with one exception: I have not read as much as I wanted to and I still haven’t spent significant amounts of time with my best friend C. First I was gone in Longmont for two months and as soon as I got back, she left for Mexico. Sad day…

There is a huge time difference between Hawaii and Colorado. About four hours as a matter of fact. I am trying to reach a school over there to get information about a graduate program. I am looking at YWAM’s graduate program in international health. I feel like it looks like a fantastic option. It takes me in the direction I feel God may be leading me in the past few months. Additionally, it is Christian based. Lastly, I will be able to get my master’s as I have had the goal of doing ever since I started university.


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