I Disagree

*Edit* I had to post what Pam wrote in the comments on this post. I think it is great! Life is not a journey where we are never going to be hurt or influenced by others. We are certain to invest ourself in people and love more than one. Sometimes that love may or may not be reciprocated. Eventually that “one” may be found. When it is, it is going to be a commitment. Sometimes there will be a feeling and sometimes there won’t be. May God give me the strength and wisdom to be patient for that person and recognize him when he arrives. 🙂

“I do believe we can find unforgettable love in what we view as “chance encounters” as we can not see the fullness of the view God sees. We may “happen” upon someone without knowing that this meeting was supposed to be. We can also find love to be forgettable if it in fact was never love, or if we have displaced the person as unworthy or less important when compared to another person or event.

The blessing of love can come out of seemingly no where, from the most unexpected person(s). The act of love can be part of a God designed relationship of the “one” He has chosen for us, or from others throughout our lives that may appear to be “the special one” or “a special one” because our hearts are drawn to something about them. It is in seeking God for discernment and direction that can help us know the difference.

I have sought love, felt love, been in love, loved with condition and loved unconditionally. Each love has been unforgettable (and some just plain painful)because a part of me was attached to each experience. Even those young “puppy love” experiences remain with me, as they were part of what and who I have become today.

When we pledge our love based on the feeling, we face a “falling out of love” which steals the commitment from relationships. When we determine that we will continue to love, whether we “feel” it or not, we purpose to remain bound to another until we can “feel” the love again. We also come to a deeper understanding that love is a word of action, not just of feeling. It is this kind of love that sees us through the good and bad of being “forever” beside and with the one we marry. We find our relationship that much stronger for holding firm through times of trouble and finding our love deeper than we imagined possible.

I believe that God does have one chosen for us. I also believe that if we choose another, He can and will bring blessings to that relationship. He knows the intent of our hearts. If we are willing to be patient and wait upon the Lord to bring us to “the right one” at “the right time” then we will find a truer and deeper understanding of His Love and what He has designed for you.

Don’t throw out the other love moments in life because they are not this love. Each helps to give us a deeper knowledge and understanding of what love is, what it can be and what it should be.”

So, I was reading a book last night and came across an interesting idea. “If love is to be unforgettable, fortuities must immediately start fluttering down to it like birds to Francis of Assisi’s shoulders”. -The Unbearable Lightness of Being (A sad and depressing book about a couple’s unfaithfulness to each other, but more on this later.)

I disagree with this statement. Love IS forgettable when we can just “choose” whoever we come across or just happen upon someone. It seems that the unforgettable comes when God purposefully blesses us with meeting another person. Through His guidance, we realize this is the person He created for us to be with. Any thoughts on this?

“Love is a commitment of the will to the true good of the other person. Otherwise, how could people getting married promise to love each other? You can’t promise to have a feeling.”
(See full article here.)


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