Greenwood Mountain

The Adventure of the Week: My friends and I decided to climb the highest peak in the Wet Mountains this Saturday: Greenwood Mountain. It is a a peak that is approximately 13,000 feet. The day started out at 4:15 when I got up to take a shower (more to wake me up than to get clean since I knew I’d be stinky in a matter of hours. :)) and eat an energizing breakfast. I headed out to my friend’s house to meet and head to the peak. We ended up starting our ascent at 7:10. We summited at approximately 1:00 and had some lunch above timberline. We were blessed enough with some previous hikers who had made a cairn which provided shelter from the wind while we got some energy and rest. The descent took less time and we ended up finishing the journey in a matter of 8 hours. All in all, this 16 mile hike was a blast with my friends, Ian, John, and Ian’s aunt and uncle, Steve and Jen. And who could forget Eden, the dog? 🙂

The whole party minus myself and Eden. Check out Ian and John’s great feathers they picked up on the trail. He he…

The boys, Ian and John. Once again, note the Indian garb.

Me. 🙂

The Summit of Greenwood Mountain looking at Rye, Colorado.

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