Bringing It Back…

Chivalry….bringing it back. So, I put thought into my comments yesterday concerning finch seed after two people mentioned what I said. I retract my statement about the fact that the guy working at Murdoch’s should have let me carry at least one bag of seed. I have instead decided that he was my hero for the day and very sweet to help me out. Sure, I may be capable of carrying a bag or two of finch seed. I may be capable of laying a wood floor or unloading a few thousand square feet of tile. I may be capable of opening a door myself. However, God is growing me to see that I can honor men by allowing them to serve me. What an honor it is to let a guy do things just because he cares. I guess I am learning that just like some guys still need to learn to open doors for girls, some girls need to learn to let those doors be opened for them. 😉

So, my last day is tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. I am very excited to move back home and be near family and friends. I will, however, be sorry to say bye to the good friends I have made at Greenwood. I have not only learned a lot about being joyful in all situations, but also feel grateful for a once in a lifetime experience to work at a rehab center. Life is good!

Since I have had so much time on my hands lately, I have been a consistent blogger. However, as soon as I get back, things are going to get pretty busy. Tomorrow and Friday I will be helping my old roomies move into a new places (Sniff, sniff about not living with my most amazing friends anymore.). On Friday, my family is also having a big bbq/fireworks shindig. Somewhere in that mix, I need to make an attempt to do some laundry and unpack. Hopefully I will reenter the internet world and blog on Saturday. Until then, adios! 🙂


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