Foxes and T-Shirts

So, I fed foxes today. Foxes are surprisingly similar to cats. They eat cat food (wet and dry) along with mice. Hmm…The weird pic of dead animals is the bag of mice for the foxes.

So, I literally had the shirt bought off my back. I walk into work yesterday and my friend says “My boyfriend just lost that same exact shirt”. I made the mistake of asking how someone loses a shirt. I guess he “got a little crazy and a concert and took it off”. Anyway, I guess he was super bummed out, and she asked if she could buy it from me. Considering it was a cheapo thrift store purchase for work, I said why not. I told her she didn’t have to pay me, but she felt bad just taking my shirt. Therefore, I am getting a Greenwood shirt and she is getting my old junkie shirt to give to her boyfriend. 🙂 Life is funny.

Random thoughts or questions:
I have only three days of work left. After seven days straight, I am a little mixed up on my days. Twice today I had conversations in which people had to remind me which day of the week I was in.

Why must the man at the feed store insist on carrying all three bags of seed when I am perfectly capable of carrying at the very least one? Then they wouldn’t be falling out of his hand as we walk to the register…

I understand why I have always kept a clean room. My room is very messy with things all over my floor (I don’t care, because I leave in three days anyway). I can’t find anything! Seriously. I don’t even know where my pjs are. Hmm…At least I found the fruit loops box.


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