Flea Market

So, I escaped the baby bird room today to pull a four hour shift at the flea market/festival that Greenwood had a booth at. Maybe I should spend my life as a traveling flea market booth…person. I met so many people.
Person one: We talked about hedgehogs and how they are actually very friendly creatures. They can be littertrained and like to swim! I was informed that I could be put on a waiting list for a baby hedgehog which would cost $150.00. Expensive, yes, but I would actually throw around the idea of getting one if the thought is still in my head tomorrow…
Person two: She was a volunteer at the local library. I was informed that there is a huge used book sale. Books are five bucks for as much as you can carry. She told me to bring something I could carry books in. I considered my duffel bag… 😉
Person three: He was nice and amusing, but it ended slightly oddly. We talked about Dean Koontz and dressing up like Elvis in karaoke bars. Towards the end of the day, he ended up buying me a piece of carnival pizza. Nice and greasy… It ended with him giving me his e-mail address. This was slightly odd for two reasons. One: He was fifty. Two: He had just finished asking me about boyfriends and telling me I would have to jump in the proverbial boyfriend river soon. By the way, he is not married and “single”. *sigh* Boys…Some of them never grow up I guess.

To end on an amusing note, I find this song to be hilarious. No, it has no actual value, but one can listen and smile.


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