To anonymous commenter: I still don’t know who you are. 😉

So, my internship is over on July 3rd. I plan to kick out the last days of work by working Tuesday (tomorrow) through Thursday the 3rd. It will be ten days straight, but I am excited about just finishing up the rest of it and not spreading it out through three more weeks. I can hardly believe how fast it has gone by…

My family is finally back and my house is back to its normal loud self. And I love it! I like not being able to sleep in, because all my short sibs are in the kitchen loudly making breakfast. I love cleaning up 7 plates, cups, forks, spoons, and bowls after meals rather than just 1 of each. Who wants that kind of boredom? I love my sister asking if we can make cookies together then writing me a note in her funny 6 year old writing so I won’t forget. I even love sitting on the computer, hearing my two bros argue concerning mopping the kitchen floor, knowing I may have to go up and perform some mediating any minute. 😉 He he…

Plans for the day:
1) Go grocery shopping to be ready for Longmont.
2) Study for my GRE. How does one actually study vocab? I never did in school, so I don’t know how to “memorize words”. Any ideas?
3) Work on my school apps.
4) Call about my job at the orchard.
5) Watch a movie with a friend.


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