Random Music

In my opinion an amazing rendition of Phil Wickham’s “You’re Beautiful”. I spent a few hours recently trying to figure out how to play it. It didn’t sound very good, but it was fun anyway. 😉

So, I finally scheduled my GRE. Here I come August 11th. Speaking of which, I should probably go study my vocabulary words… I’m missing part of the “misplaced modifiers” section because I left puppy in the family room alone with it. I also suffered the loss of a highlighter.

What’s for dinner? Oooh, sloppy joes!

My friend’s single conclusion about Mass: *In tone of disbelief* “I can’t believe they all drank out of the same cup. No wonder the Black Plague spread so fast.”

Who decided to put question marks and exclamation points outside the quotation marks and commas and periods inside? Make it simple, people!

Jealous! My family is in Cali this week. I just talked to my Dad who went surfing. My little sibs also did some boogie boarding. Argh! 😉


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