Weird Coincidence

*Edit* As clarification, Winehouse is not my normal life council. God sometimes just brings up things to think about while in the everyday. The song was something I was thinking about and I was able to go to His word and my parents and mentors for advice on the area. *End Edit*

I recently discovered this song by Amy Winehouse. I liked it, because it asked a question that I had been thinking about: will you still love me tomorrow? Granted, nothing in life except for His love is a guarantee. However, it seems to me that people give too much of themselves too quickly. I agree that investing in people and relationships is going to be painful at times, but doesn’t it make sense (in the case of a guy/girl relationship) to invest in the right person at the right time? There’s something to waiting to find the right person to invest in and making it a more God glorifying thing. Am I crazy for thinking that God is capable of letting me know who I am supposed to invest in? I don’t think so. Some people think it is impossible to know without trying it on for size first. In one sense I agree with that. However, I choose to be confident in the fact that He will lead. Maybe I’ll be an old maid, but at least I will be confident in the fact that I listened to Him. Seriously… 😉

The lyrics even ended up in my sidebar. Weirdly enough, I noticed it again on a Boundless blog post today. I listened to the song again and realized how important it is to find a person who is leaning on God solidly for direction in every area of life. Fear of God, not fear of man…


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