Wow…Summer is nearly five weeks over. This means I have ten left. Ah! What happened? *mutters about the craziness of it all* So, with this short an amount of time left I have decided to set my goals for the rest of the summer. This way it doesn’t just pass me by and I get to the weekend before school and realize I frittered it away.

-Go rafting (which I am hoping to accomplish the weekend after next.)
-Go to Washington (Got my plane ticket, so I’m good.)
-Go to the drive-in. (Believe it or not, I have never been to one and this has been on my list for about two years. This weekend it is going to happen. I just have to find someone to go with….My family and two best friends are out of town, so we’ll see.)
-Study for and take my GRE (I am currently studying, and plan to take my GRE right before I go to Washington I suppose.)
-Read more books (I would say this is more of a life goal, but more attainable while school is out.)
-Get my apps to vet school/grad school/PA school mostly finished. (I don’t want to work on them during school. I can’t believe it is already time to do all of this.)
-Start practicing for soccer next semester. (I am playing on an intramural team and I am pretty stoked about it.)
-Get to Canada. (I am really hoping this may work out when I go to Washington. Ah! I’ve wanted to see the place forever.)
-Spend time with Jesus every day. (This is first on the list really. 😉 )


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